20 June 2012

Book Review: Adopted For Life

Title: Adopted For Life
Author: Russell D. Moore

Synopsis: This is a non-fiction book, written by an adoptive father. Moore steps through spiritual adoption and physical adoption, displaying God's mercy in adopting us as His children. He then continues to compare God's heart for orphans and the way we can tangibly reach orphans today with Christ's love.

Positives: I can't say enough about the positives of this book! Please just read it. He really touches God's heart for the lost and for orphans and reveals just how meaningful it is to display love to a child who has no family. Not only does he step through practical tips on money raising and paperwork, but he also reaches the heart of the matter, where we stand before God and our responsibilities.

Negatives: I really can't say anything bad about this book, my only thought (which he admits himself) is that he doesn't have much to say on domestic adoption because his experience was international adoption, but there is so much that could be said about the orphans locally.

-God's heart for His children and orphans
-love and compassion
-reaching orphans

Conclusion: I can't recommend this book enough. Please just read it! I recommend it for ages 12+ boys and girls, adults and teens!

Rating: 5 (Loved it! I would give it a 6 if I could!)

16 June 2012

Movie Review: We Bought A Zoo

Title: We Bought A Zoo
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Kids
Rated: PG

Synopsis: Six months after the death of Mrs. Mee, her family is still mourning her loss. Teenage Dylan Mee is struggling in school and his father, Benjamin Mee, can't walk down the street of their hometown without painful memories rushing back. So, Benjamin Mee decides that it's time for some change . . . and buys a zoo.

Positives: As the family works through the stages of mourning their loved one they must (and do) work through conflicts. Father and son are at odds much of the movie but reconcile in the end. It was very neat to see the teenage son taking the lead in reconciliation, seeking his father out. The family works hard to bring a dilapidated zoo back up to standards, teaming up with the zoo staff. Benjamin Mee also encourages his son to have courage, to face his fears, and ends up facing his own fears in the end with the courage to revisit the place where he first met his late wife.

Negatives: With a single father and a teenage son on the set of the zoo, two of the zoo staff quickly fall into crushes for Benjamin and Dylan. The girl, Lily, who falls for Dylan is very flirtatious in her attitude towards him. There is some minimal language. As Dylan tries to deal with his mother's death he draws graphic pictures of the underworld (decapitated people, blood, etc.), but in the end he moves out of this stage and begins to draw nicer pictures. Dylan also steals at his school and is expelled, but he changes throughout the movie.

-Listen to each other (this leads to good relationships and reconciliation)
-Better to be around humans than animals even if relationships hurt
-Be thankful for the time you have with people

Conclusion: This movie (based on a book) was definitely interesting. I'm not much for goofy movies, so I wasn't sure how this would turn out, but it was rather funny though not at all goofy. It was an enjoyable movie with unique characters, good acting, and a light story line. I would recommend it for boys and girls ages 8+.

Rating: 4 (Liked it!)

15 June 2012

Movie Review: Little Dorrit

Title: Little Dorrit
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Rated: Unknown

Synopsis: When Arthur Clennam returns home after his father's death abroad, he is faced with much mystery surrounding his household as his mother refuses to share family secrets. Little (Amy) Dorrit works for his mother as a seamstress, but soon Arthur finds that there is more to Little Dorrit and his mother than he ever knew.

Positives: Arthur Clennam, Amy Dorrit, and other main characters provide suburb examples as they lay down their lives for others, seeking to serve and not to be served. Even when he is continually pushed away by his mother, Arthur seeks reconciliation with her and cares for her well being. Amy has spent her entire life caring for her father and two siblings, giving all she has for them. In the end, secrets come out and some characters who were less than honorable repent and are freely forgiven.

Negatives: This story can seem dark and almost gothic at times and the "bad guy" is a murderer, leaving people dead in his path and appearing in some dark, creepy scenes. Overall, it isn't graphic, but could be frightening with scary music and weird characters. One man kills himself and is seen dead with blood covering his neck and upper body. A dog is found dead by poison.

-Don't judge by appearances
-Charity without love is meaningless

Conclusion: Based on Charles' Dicken's book, this seven and a half hour BBC TV series was very well done. It kept the attention of boys and girls in our family, but I would not recommend it for young ages. While it was slow at times it moved fast enough though it seemed to end somewhat abruptly. It followed the book almost exactly which was fun! I would recommend this movie for boys and girls ages 12+.

Rating: 5 (Loved it!)