30 July 2012

Book Review: Wuthering Heights

Title: Wuthering Heights
Author: Emily Bronte

Synopsis: When Mr. Lockwood rents Thrushcross Grange, just a little ways from Wuthering Heights, and decides to visit his landlord, Mr. Heathcliff, master of Wuthering Heights, his life is changed forever by one long story told by his housekeeper, Nelly. The story follows Heathcliff, his lover Catherine, her lover Edgar, his sister Isabella, her son Linton, Edgar's daughter Cathy, and Heathcliff's likeness, Hareton. All these characters are bound up in one large story of abuse, revenge, hate, romance, and love --- as some give into the odds and some defy the odds.

Positives: Nelly seeks truth, justice, and true love above all the revenge, hate, and grudges that gather thickly around Wuthering Heights. Nelly encourages Heathcliff to look to the Bible for truth, and she tries to instruct her young charge (Cathy) in the way she should go. Mr. Lockwood is only a curious onlooker, meaning no harm.

Negatives: This book shares the effects of abuse, hate, and revenge, which can be dark themes. There is a lot of abuse in this book, verbal and physical. There is some minimal language; marital unfaithfulness; and Cathy lies to and deceives her father multiple times.

-Someone else's hate can't destroy your love
-Hate destroys lives
-Forgiveness and reconciliation brings healing

Conclusion: I loved this book. I thought it was an excellently written story, engaging and interesting, and the way the author revealed the effects of abuse and later revenge and hate and more abuse, was powerful. The end I found a bit abrupt and somewhat confusing, but as I've thought about it more, I've liked it better. It is a dark story, and so I understand that some people may not like it. Finally, it's hard to describe, so you're better off reading it yourself. :) I recommend it for boys and girls ages 16+. It is definitely written for a more mature audience.

Rating: 4 (Liked it!)

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