12 July 2012

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes 2

Title: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Genre: Drama & Comedy
Rated: PG-13

Synopsis: Following the first Sherlock Holmes... there are mysterious bombings taking place around Europe, and Holmes has decided to take on the case! Watson is getting married and trying to move on in life . . . but due to a series of life-threatening events, he decides to help Holmes. Now Holmes and Watson take on the case side-by-side. Holmes's arch-enemy Professor Moriarty is giving the two detectives a hard time . . .

Positives: It is a very light-hearted movie with a lot of clean, fun humor. Holmes and Watson care for each other and try to help each other out even when the other is being obstinate or annoying. Holmes is trying to save lives throughout the movie and succeeds most of the time. 

Negatives: Some violence though none of it is very graphic. The bad guy poisons one girl and bombs quite a few buildings killing many people. There is one scene where a man is nude, and it is portrayed in a humorous light. Some minimal language. Watson and Holmes (among others) drink, and Watson gets drunk. Watson also gambles. There is a scene where Moriarty hooks Holmes up, enjoying watching Holmes in pain. Holmes is at first annoyed that Watson is getting married, but later either gets over it or learns the value of Watson's wife. 

-Risking a life to save others

Conclusion: This movie was really just pure fun. There wasn't much meaning in it (at all!), but Holmes really does care for people and does his best to foil Moriarty's evil plans to plant bombs, but all-in-all, I can't say I got a lot out of it, but I would recommend it for a light, fun time, ages 13+ (it can be dark at times) boys and girls. 

Rating: 4 (Liked it!)


  1. We just watched this the other night and I would agree that it was a very enjoyable movie! I really liked some of the cinema photography too :)

  2. Ditto! Very good review, Bee!

  3. Thanks, Farjag. :) I agree, Katrina, some of the cinematography was really great!


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