09 December 2012

Movie Review: Lincoln

Title: Lincoln
Genre: Biography, Drama
Rated: PG-13

Synopsis: Following the last three months of Lincoln's life, the film covers his undying resolve to pass the 13th amendment to end slavery. It reveals his family struggles, his inward conflicts, and his unique personality, as he also strives to reach peace with the Confederate States and a reconciliation of the union.

Positives: Lincoln is a compassionate and caring man, loving his young son and stubborn wife, and taking time to stop and talk to passerby's. He also is greatly concerned that slavery ends once and for all, speaking up for the slaves, stating that they are human and equal. Lincoln, his cabinet members, and many congress members have fought and continue to fight hard for the freedom of slaves, each of them individually carrying the heavy, caring burden.

Negatives: As a lawyer, Lincoln did twist truth and lie, and he struggles with what he's done, but he believes that the end justifies the means. There is some language, one battle that is not gory, but clearly displays warfare, and one hospital scene where a pit is filled with amputated limbs. There is also drinking and smoking throughout the film.

-It's worth fighting for life
-Take the time to care for the people around you
-Be quick to reconcile and forgive

Conclusion: This felt like a history lesson in a film, and a very well done film for that matter. It was excellent, and I truly appreciated the way the story dug into Lincoln's character, the good and the bad, and I have a greater appreciation for what he did during such a difficult time. It also makes me question what I would have done, if I would have twisted the law or stretched the truth. The film was not action packed or romantic, but it was thoughtful, like Lincoln. I would recommend it for ages 13+, boys and girls.

Rating: 5 (Loved it!) 


  1. Welcome back to the land of the living!

  2. Thanks! Things are finally slowing down, and so I thought I might start reviewing again. :)



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