04 January 2013

It's all about the story line . . .

I like to write, and I especially like to write screenplays, and therefore, as I watch films or read professional screenplays, I dissect them, and recently, I've begun to dissect some independent films. I may have reached an obvious conclusion, but I believe it's worth stating nonetheless: a well-filmed, well-acted, well-edited film can fail if it's story line is not well-written. This seems to be the underlying error of so many films. Whether they're one-linear weak story-lines or they're lacking a real problem it comes down to the plot. So now I find it very discouraging to write screenplays because I'm catching my storyline errors so early on now it's taking much of the pleasure out of it. :P Oh well, I'll keep trying and keep trying to improve!

Hopefully I haven't discouraged any of you writers who read this blog. Rather, be encouraged to keep working and keep writing quality story lines! Because a good storyline could outdo many of the films or books written today.